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NEW! Performance Weekend 2017

Agility Team GB would like to thank Lincoln Agility Enthusiasts Show for hosting again the Performance Weekend. 

Entries are now open until Friday 17th March 2017 through iSS the schedule can be downloaded here.

Agility Team GB 2018

Are You Interested in joining Agility Team GB in 2018?

Find out more about the qualification process here as well as who the coaching team are.

Follow Agility Team GB Manager Mark Laker through his blog.

You might also be interested in the videos below on Team GB:

Proud sponsors of Agility Team GB:

The 2016 team for the the Agility FCI World Championships and the European Open Agility Championships have now been announced. 

Agility Team GB News!

Kennel Club Congratulates Agility Team GB On Valiant Effort At The FCI World Championships

Kennel Club Congratulates Agility Team GB At The European Open Championships

Dates of ALL Kennel Club Agility Qualifiers during 2017

Qualification Points for Agility Team GB 2017

Training Days for Agility Team GB 2017

(N.B. Dates are subject to change)

Team GB Sponsors

Team GB is kindly supported by the Kennel Club, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Gencon, First Contact, Agility 1st and  Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, the Kennel Club's preferred cross-channel partner. The official equipment supplier is First Contact. To find out more about the sponsors visit the  Agility Team GB Sponsors Page.

Agility Team GB 2017 Squad 

Team Previous Performance Weekend results