Crufts 2016 Single Results


Qualifying heats were scheduled as a standard combined class for grades 6 & 7. There were separate qualifying competitions for each height category (small, medium, large) with 12 heats for each height, held at Kennel Club licensed shows throughout the country. The 16 large dogs, 10 Medium dogs and 10 Small dogs with the highest accumulation of points were invited to compete in the Crufts Singles Agility Finals at Crufts 2016.

The Results

Crufts Singles Jumping - Large

Crufts Singles Jumping - Medium

Crufts Singles Jumping - Small

Crufts 2016 Singles Jumping course plan

Crufts Singles Agility - Large

Crufts Singles Agility - Medium

Crufts Singles Agility - Small

Crufts 2016 Small Heat Agility course plan

Crufts Singles Combined Results - Large

Crufts Singles Combined Results - Medium

Crufts Singles Combined Results - Small

Crufts 2016 Singles Combined Final course plan

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